The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hugs & Kisses

It has been just over 2 months now since we first met our sweet son & he joined our family.  Each day is a lesson in patience for us.  He seems to have adjusted to us pretty well now & even seems to like Daddy a little better these days.  I had to go back to work a little over 2 weeks ago & things have not really gone that well.  I knew Trit would be upset when I dropped him off each day at pre-school/daycare, but I didn't anticipate that he would continue to have trouble throughout the day.  He does not do well with new people at all typically & there are just too many new faces all at once.  Then within 2 days of starting pre-school he became sick & missed some days.  He only went back 1 day last week & then had surgery last Friday for his teeth/urological.  We also weaned him off the bottle last week & we knew that if the bottle continued no matter how watered down it was that it would only lead to more issues.  The worst part too is that he still does not sleep through the night.  The worst yet so far was the other night where he woke every 30 minutes or so!  It felt like an episode of the Nanny as he would get out of the bed, we would put him back in, he would cry & then the cycle would start all over again.  I am grieving for him too because I can't imagine what he must be thinking & how difficult this must be for him.  He has been taken away from the only "Mommy" he has known his short life in Thailand, traveled to the other side of the world, & put into a new home with new parents.  Also,the language, landscape, weather & people are all new too.

The one thing that I can say truthfully though is that our family has fallen in love with this playful, sweet little boy and we could never imagine our life without him now.   Tonight, he smiled the most beautiful smile & put his little arms around me to give Mommy a much needed hug then a kiss.  No coaxing required:)  I can only hope with time that each day will continue to get better.


Catiejoyce said...

Praying for you all with the adjustment!!! I will specifically pray for better sleep all around for everyone. So glad you get the glimpses of love with that sweet hug and kiss last night!! Hang in there! You are in my prayers so much! Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

So sorry for the rough times and bumpy transition you've experienced so far, but glad Trit is making progress with you guys. What a sweetie! Thinking of you :)

Sammie said...

I feel your pain with the sleep issues. Melatonin can be a life saver. We found a chewable form of it and it helps my son who had a history of waking up.

With your son so new though, have you thought of other sleeping arangments? Many Thai kids will do better if they can co sleep or sleep in your room. It won't be forever, but with all the changes you have described I would be anxious and overwhelmed too. A bed on the floor next to your bed may be a huge help for him,and for you in getting some sleep.

The more structure and routine you can provide him the better. This will also reduce the anxiety as he will know what is happening next. The first year home has its challenges, but putting the time in now is so important (I know you understand this) and you will be very rewarded by this with a more secure child.