The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Thursday, January 6, 2011

False Labor Pains...

Yesterday, we got a call from our adoption agency.  I was hopeful that they were calling to tell us about our Article 16, but instead it was to let us know that there actually had been a mistake & that we in fact had not yet been granted 1st approval.  We are hopeful that in the coming weeks we will truly be granted 1st approval, but to say we were disappointed today would be truly an understatement.

There is one type of labor that is the physical labor of child birth, while the other is the physical labor to complete the mountainous paperwork that is required as well as overcome all things that can occur through the adoption process.  As a mother we endure the hardships & pains that are required, but the end result is the most precious gift that God could bless us with – our child. 

I hope soon that I will be holding my precious little boy in my arms.



Catiejoyce said...

So sorry!! I am sure it is very hard news to hear when you feel like you are so close to getting your child and then time seems to be added. Hope approval comes soon!!!!!!! Praying for you.

Coley said...

Oh we know how that feels, we had the same type of mistake last spring when we heard that our son's child history was completed. Here we are months and months (and months and months) later still waiting for it to be completed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you hear for sure soon!