The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No more rain, for now

It absolutely poured down rain all morning long.  This was the worst of all the days we have been here.  Mon.-Wed. of this week we had almost 9 inches of rain although I think likely it might actually be more!  Thankfully, no flooding although Koh Samui flooded & they had to shut down the airport.  We checked though as I'll admit I worried a little that Phuket's airport might have issues, but all was fine & flights are still on schedule for incoming/outgoing.  They say the flooding for Koh Samui is worse that they have seen in many decades.
Finally, almost as if out of the blue the rain just stopped.  It was still cloudy, but no rain!  It honestly was really weird as it was so peaceful & quiet.
Tenley had a great day again & we could not get her to leave the kids club until we promised her a visit to the pool.  There were several of her friends there from kids club as I think all the parents had the same idea we had. 
We are hoping that the rain will hold off most of tomorrow.  There is still a 20% chance.
I'll post some video & pictures from today.

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