The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kisses Make It Better

To say our life over the past few months has been chaotic, I  feel like is an understatement.  Trit is truly such an amazing gift/blessing to our family, but his life since he has been with our family has not been an easy one.  Just to update everyone, he did finally see the Hematologist regarding his G6PD (  While it did put our minds at ease to see this specialist, we know that we will always have to be vigilant over our son to ensure that while well meaning, someone does not feed him food or prescribe medicine that would cause him to go into hemolytic crisis.  We recently almost had an issue with this & with the medicines being almost 4 pages long it is so easy to see why.  I will ALWAYS double check any medicine prescribed/given to my son.  Trit also had the surgery back in early June to fix his teeth & for his circumcision.  He has recovered nicely from those.  The teeth were a necessity which is what made us go through with the other surgery, but I later was second guessing our decision.  Now, to bring you up to date within the past month or so.  Trit has been sick off/on for months now with congestion & fever.  This was warranting what seemed like weekly to bi-weekly trips to the doctor.  Our pediatrician had not been able to see into his ears though as they were so full of ear wax, but finally sent us to an ENT to get them cleaned.  Once they were cleaned, the ENT told us Trit had severe ear infections.  Trit has been on antibiotics off/on for all these weeks, but a stronger one was prescribed.  Still, the ears did not clear up.  A couple of weeks ago the ENT recommended surgery to place tubes in Trit's ears as well as to remove his adenoids so we proceeded with that surgery.  He did seem to improve with that surgery.  We are now dealing with yet another issue.  Trit started breaking out in bad hives this week.  Our pediatrician has been great as he has had to deal with me as this has made me overly anxious & terrified that Trit might go into anaphylactic shock.  He was so swollen the other night & looked absolutely horrible!  He is now developing bruised looking spots in the area of the hives.  So very bizarre & truly frustrating.  We think it is likely the antibiotic he is now on & last night after some research on the internet wondered if he might have serum sickness.  We are not sure & it could truly be anyone's guess as to what is  going on with him to cause this.  I worry about him so much & it has been difficult for me to sleep.

The other difficult thing is that through all of these past few months my Mother's lung issue has come to the surface.  (The lung issue came up when it was discovered she had uterine cancer a little over a year ago.)  So, in the same week that Trit had his surgery, my Mother had surgery as well which confirmed lung cancer.  She had her upper lobe of her lung removed & is now on the slow road to recovery.  We are hoping for no chemo & radiation, but are currently awaiting her pathology report.

Last night, I was checking on Trit & sweet Tenley went into his room with me.  She curled up to her baby brother as I was holding his little hand & gave him kisses on his forehead.  I began to cry because it was so sweet & we all know that kisses make it better.  I cried too because honestly I felt the weight of the world, but I also knew in that moment that love heals us & makes us better.

I've attached a picture of Trit on his 1st day of hives when his one little eye was almost swelled shut.  The other pictures of some of the past couple of days are not that pleasant so I will not post those.  I am also posting one of him having some summer fun with his cousins.  Life is not all bad:)

I can only hope that things will get better.  I continue to try to balance all of my personal life struggles with work & everyday commitments.  I have so many good things going on in my life too.  Tenley starts 2nd grade in about another week.  We found out recently that my twin sister is having a boy in November.  We also have a new baby in the Yates family.  Daniel's Peepaw seems to be recovering & doing a little better.


lillie said...

Oh Patrick, my heart goes out to you, and to your entire family. What a heavy load, for sure. I am so very sorry about Trit's health problems, and those of your Mother. Sometimes when things seem to hit all at once in such an overpowering way, we are human and have to wonder "Why?" Only God knows. Just hang in there, with your fingernails if necessary, because behind every dark cloud the sun eventually does shine again. God bless. Wish I lived nearer and could lend a hand in some way.

Marie Chaney

Angie said...

I'm left speechless for all the things you guys have been through in the past months. I will be praying for you, for Trit and your mom, and for you.

Jenn said...

Wow, I can't imagine how exhausted you must be emotionally and physically... saying a special prayer for strength and healing in your family tonight!

Danyel Anderson said...

Patrick- I an so sorry to hear of Trit's health issues. I can imagine how hard this had been on you and Daniel. Both Trit and your Mom are in our prayers. If you need to talk, please call. I was going to give you a call but I have misplaced your number.