The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Friday, October 28, 2011

Much Needed Update

The past few months have been so busy.  I thought I should update our blog.  Trit is doing very well now.  He sleeps through the night & he is eating better.  Luckily, he has not had any real health issues the past few months too.  It is amazing to think we have only been home for 6 months & that I feel like Trit has been a part of our lives forever.  The only issue he still has is when I drop him off at daycare.  He is still pretty pitiful, but when I pick him up in the afternoon he seems to be having a good time.  He seems to be bonding very well with all of us now & even seems to really enjoy his time with Daniel.  Trit now loves to get into bed with his sister in the early hours of the morning.  The first couple of times he did this it scared Daniel & I until we realized he was in bed with her.  It is very sweet though & he does seem to idolize his big sister.
My Mom is also doing great now.  She did not need chemo for the lung cancer & healed quite well from her surgery. 
My twin sister had her little baby boy yesterday.  He is so precious.  Trit met him for the first time last night & I am not sure he knows what to think about him.  He loves his other cousin, so I am sure he will love the baby too. 
I have been concerned about the flooding in Thailand as I am sure many others are right now.  I checked in with Holt (our adoption agency) this week about some final paperwork & asked about the situation.  The flooding has impacted a lot of the foster families & I am sure Trit's foster family has been affected.  The home they live in is very close to the river.  We even saw on CNN that they were evacuating in Bangkok in some areas including Dusit Zoo which we visited in April.  My thoughts & prayers are with those families.    My prayers/thoughts go out to those in Thailand as well as the families here waiting to travel to get their little ones.  I can't imagine how emotional those families must be right now.
As always, I can say I am truly blessed.  This has been such an amazing year.  I am adding some pictures including some from Trit's 2nd birthday.  He LOVES Mickey Mouse!


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So glad to hear your update and that Trit seems to be adjusting well. Our daughter is a teen and still loves to crawl in bed with us. I think it's a healthy sign of bonding. We're also praying about the flooding situation in Thailand. Makes one more thankful for our daily blessings, doesn't it?

Catiejoyce said...

Thanks for the update!!!! I am so glad Trit seems to be adjusting so well and it feels like he has always been a part of your family. Thank you too for the prayers as we are all delayed in traveling to get our little ones. I think we all just want them HOME. I love the pictures!!!! You truly are blessed!