The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Saturday, April 2, 2011

The First Encounter

We all envisioned the first encounter to resemble something in slow motion, having arms outstretched with the "Chariots of Fire" theme music playing in the background.  We gathered in the meeting room of our hotel with the three other families with us all nervous with anticipation.  Will our son like us?  Will he remember us from any of the photos?  Then he walks into the room.  Our hearts race and our eyes are opened wide with excitement.  This adorable little boy is finally here!  As adults we anticipate the script and forget that we are not the writer.  Trit had been traveling for 90 minutes to get to Bangkok.  He traveled from a different area of Thailand than the girls that walked in the room before him.  He had fallen asleep and had just been awakened.  New shoes had been placed on his feet.  He entered a room full of complete strangers.  I have attempted several times to upload the video clip to the blog with no success.  I have now pasted the clip to my Facebook page.  From this brief clip it can be seen that he is curious, cautious, independent, smart, healthy, and handsome.  The script may have not been what we had foreseen, but it is still perfect.  Also, let us not forget that this is only a fraction of the whole masterpiece.  Welcome to our family.


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Kathy said...

Just remember God's masterpiece plan for your family is beautiful and wonderful and an awesome journey. Can't wait to see pictures from Day 2 and to read your continued script of The Yates Goes to Thailand. Hugs...