The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Safari World - Bangkok

Yesterday, we went to Safari World.  They have an animal park & marine park.  It is mainly  shows which actually Trit & Tenley both seemed to enjoy.  They especially seemed to like the Orang Tuan show & Sea Lion show.  It was really quite expensive though.  Your ticket pays to get you in the park for the shows, but you have to pay for the only 2 "rides" they have at the park.  One is a safari ride in an air conditioned bus, but it was pretty neat as you see a ton of animals.  They have the largest herd of giraffes I have ever seen.  There is also a boat ride much like the Jungle Cruise at Disney which is extra too.  I would give it a "D" though as it cost almost $10/per person to ride & it was so cheesy. 

We had another scare yesterday too as this time poor Elaine fell & Wayne tried to rescue her so he fell too.  We were trying to find seats for a show & they went face forward down the steps.  I know our family will think we have beat them up so don't be surprised if greeting us at the airport!

Trit still continues to adjust nicely to our family.  He slept through most of the night again & wakes up ready to play.  He was so wild & playful yesterday.  This kid goes like mad all day long & again let me say it - HE IS IN TO EVERYTHING!  At least he does take naps though which Tenley never did.  I think we definitely found our Thai version of the Monkey King.  (This was Tenley's nickname in China because she was born in the year of the Monkey & she was in to everything too.  The difference with Trit though is that he is much more of a daredevil than Tenley though.)

Today, we leave to come home.  Our flight does not leave out until almost midnight though.  We are all ready to come home, but I must say that I am still dreading those long flights back to the states.

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Robin and Kyle said...

Our youngest was totally in to *everything* also. He never stopped moving and was like a one-child wrecking machine. In a split second he'd be standing on TOP of the back of the couch at Pantip, trying to pull huge artwork off the walls. But for some reason, the extreme high activity, daredevil behavior only lasted while in Thailand - he's actually a very calm, laid-back kid. So cross your fingers that it's just the chocolate soy milk the foster family feeds the kids at bed time and it'll wear off soon. =)

Best wishes for your travels home.