The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Siam Ocean World & Jim Thompson House

Well, the past couple of days we have been busy, busy!  Trit has been doing well & we have been venturing out more & more.  He is a very active little boy & seems to truly enjoy stretching out his little legs:)  He still will only let me hold him though when he gets tired of walking & this is difficult at times as he is SO heavy.  He is a really big eater & weighs quite a bit.  Let's just say Mommy is getting a workout here in Bangkok.
We went to the MBK & Siam malls on Saturday.  Bangkok knows how to do malls.  They are all massive here - 7 to 8 story malls.  Siam is an amazing one with even a Lamborgini dealership inside along with Versace & many other high end retailers.  There is also an aquarium on the bottom floor, Siam Ocean World, & we took Trit & Tenley to it.  It was really nice & they both seemed to really enjoy it.  Trit especially like the boat ride, but wasn't so crazy about the life vest he had to wear!
Yesterday, we went to the Jim Thompson House.  He was an American entrepreneur who started a silk trade here in his adopted home of Thailand.  He built a beautiful home here in Bangkok, but disappeared mysteriously on a holiday in Malaysia to never be heard from again.  Trit & Tenley enjoyed the gardens.

Trit finally seems to be adjusting to our family.  He plays, he laughs & just as you would expect of any 18 month old - he gets into EVERYTHING!!  We are thrilled though as this let's us know he is finally comfortable with us.  I'll admit it is a FT job though.  Our room is not exactly child proof & you can't turn your back for a second on this little "adventurer"! 

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

That's the age I work with at my preschool and I hear you on what a workout and FT job it is. At least for me it's actually PT. Hang in there!