The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Monday, April 18, 2011

Jet Lag & a Toddler

Jet Lag & a Toddler - I think these are 2 things that definitely don't go together.  We have now been home for a few days & it doesn't seem like a normal sleep pattern is anywhere in sight.  Both Tenley & Trit have been getting up at 3 am or so ready to play, but that leaves us all ready to crash in a few hours.  We have gotten out of the house a couple of times.  Trit does seems to do much better with the stroller & car seat than Tenley did which we can only hope will last.
Trit had a rough night last night though.  We have tried him sleeping in his bed the past 2 nights.  Last night did not go so well.  He woke up several times crying or trying to get out of bed.  I even slept with him most of the night just trying to comfort him.  He was back to crying those pitiful cries much like he did on the early days with us in Thailand.  He has done okay this morning & I can only hope today will be a little better.   
It has been a rough past few days.  The jet lag is awful anyway & then on top of trying to acclimate a toddler to a new environment adds up to some pretty cranky adults (& 6 year old sister).

Trit does seem to enjoy exploring his new home & seems to adore Tenley.  I think one of his favorite people so far though is my nephew Grant.  Grant is 4 & Trit will follow him around & give him big hugs.  Trit is not so found of our dog Griffin.  Poor Griffin is so sweet though & I think he just wants Trit to like him so he will follow him around.  Trit tried hiding from him, but I think Griffin figured it out;) (see pictures attached)


Robin and Kyle said...

Hang in there - the sleeping and grieving will get better. Why is jet lag so much worse coming home? Trit is adorable hiding in the cabinet!

Catiejoyce said...

Awe! What a cute picture!! Praying for you all with jet lag and adjusting to all the changes. Praying for Trit's little heart to find peace and comfort from you and above!! I just love following your family and story!