The Yates Family

The Yates Family


Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Day

Yesterday was the day we took the children to the mall as they want the children to be exposed to a public place & get used to a busier & people filled environment.  Trit actually did well with us yesterday & actually did seem to remember us.  Things started off well enough, but the shopping mall experience for Daniel & I was stressful.  The social worker speaks very limited English & we were having a real hard time trying to figure out exactly what we were supposed to be doing, where we needed to go, etc.  We had a scheduled lunch after we finished purchasing items we needed, but Trit was tired before lunch finished & he made sure to let everyone in the restaurant know it.  I walked out with him while Tenley & Daniel finished & I definitely had an audience.  Thankfully, he finally quieted down.  I knew he was exhausted as it was past his nap time. 
After we finished with the mall trip, we came back to the hotel & had time to come up to the room with him where we hoped he would nap.  He is still used to taking a bottle when he goes down for a nap & they suggested putting another type of milk in his bottle.  Let's just say that didn't go well.  He finally fell asleep after Daniel sat down with him in front of a Tom & Jerry cartoon.  Poor little guy, he was so tired.
It was then time to take him down stairs where he went back home to spend his final night with the foster family.  This morning he will be arriving around 10:30 am or so & then will be forever ours!

I am attaching a picture of our entire group including 3 other families with their daughters & also it shows all the social workers. There is also one of Trit with Tenley beside him as they shopped for toys:)

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Angie said...

Trit is so beautiful! Hope everything is going well. By now you probably have custody! :)